Career Roadmap

Career Roadmap is basically a plan for your career development. Your career path will not always be in a righteous path and predetermined. You have the option to change it at any time based on your needs and experiences.

Self-Inventory can help you to plan your university and future career. To know more about yourself, you can perform a career self-assessment by visiting Talentcorp website and start the NEXT assessment. The assessment will produce a result and you can show the result to a career counselor for more advice.

After completing the assessment, you need to develop a career mindset and start exploring your potential by setting a smart goal towards the future. Please do visit the Job Center @ UTHM or meet our UTHM Career Coach for fur assistance.

Developing your career consist of doing a market research and identifying potential company. You can perform market research, where you can gain some insight of the company and you can explore your professional interest. Furthermore, meet the career coach for more useful details and helpful advice for your career planning.

In addition, you can gain more experience by joining student organization and be an active member in club or any student association in the university. By doing so, it can act as a stepping-stone in developing your career. You also can do some research on how to build your resume.

Begin your professional portfolio by joining the professional association. During this phase, you can start writing your resume and learn how and where to find the opportunities such as by exploring linked in and learn how to build networking in the linked in.  Actively joining a career talk and How-To Workshop could also help you in strengthen your career planning.

Moreover, the most important skills to be develop is communicational skills where you can build your personal networking by reprofiles towards employment.

Industry insights involve the Structure Internship Program (SIP) where you can perform internship at potential company in your wish list. Optimizing your internship experience and explore the opportunities at your workplace such as the opportunity in becoming a permanent staff. Other than that, you also can expend your networking during the internship period as well.

Seeking a job requires you to be an active job hunter where you need to finalize your resume and CV so that employers can start viewing your job application. The common platforms to find job are:


  • Job Street
  • MauKerja
  • Beri Kerja
  • Wobb
  • LinkedIn
  • Graduan
  • Indeed
  • glassdoor


Another thing that you can do is by taking part in a career workshop where you can constantly polish your self-talent. For those who are required to polish up skills, nothing to worry just join our Career Workshop Monthly. Do follow our Facebook page (Pusat Kemajuan Kerjaya & Alumni UTHM) for more details and information regarding our Career Workshop and other Career Programs.

Before becoming an alumni, you need to finalized the documentation as graduate to be and explore SKPG for job opportunities or PKKA website where you can find lot of information regarding career. You also can be part of UTHM experts to growth the University-Industries readiness.