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Ensure a smooth transition into your new career

Graduate with the best possible financial value and full time paid employment

  • Create your profile, apply for your first position, and the rest will take care of itself – after your first application, each subsequent application will be faster and simpler, and jobs will begin to come to you.
  • Find a career that pays well and allows you to do something you enjoy -A work that you look forward to going to every day is the best kind of job. The job openings we give you are relevant to your studies and interests, so you’ll be doing work you’ll enjoy.
  • Create your employability – Whether you get the first job you apply for or not, the process will help you develop your employability skills. You’ll gain expertise in recruiting, selling your talents, and identifying the right jobs, and we’ll give you feedback on the ones that don’t work out.
  • Make a good impression on your employer – We make it a point to match all of our graduates with employers that are a good fit for their skills and values.
  • Relevant work experience on your CV – Whether you take on a full-time position or a project-based temporary position, Job Centre@UTHM will assist you in building your CV.

How does it work?

The Job Centre@UTHM is a one-stop center for finding a job effectively in your field of study. We’re thrilled to have you as a member of our team. Finding the ideal job opportunity can be split down into five simple steps.

Step 1: Build an account and a profile – Start receiving work updates by registering on our website.

Step 2: Apply for a job – You’ll complete a video interview and upload your resume when you apply for your first position.
After that, applications become even more straightforward!

Step 3: Be ready for shortlisting – If you make it through the first round of screening, we’ll call you and give you a briefing.
If you make it to the second round, the employer will give you serious consideration.

Step 4: Accept your job offer – If you are chosen by the employer, your job offer will be sent to you.

Step 5: Apply what you’ve learned – If you don’t get the job, we’ll gladly give you some positive feedback to help you succeed in the future.

When you’re done, we’ll be ready. Create your profile today to learn more about how to accelerate your transition into professional employment.

Need help?

Check out online resources here to explore your interests and career pathways. 

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