Career Marketability

Career Marketability involves marketable skills that can be included on your CV to increase your chances of being hired. A marketable skill qualifies you to be reached by a recruiter to speak with them during an interview.

Soft skills are general capabilities that are driven by personal attributes, such as the ability to offer and seek input, work cooperatively, and manage time. They are frequently self-developed as opposed to hard skills, which are normally acquired in school or on the job.

Searching for a job requires you to seek in-demand skills in order to broaden your knowledge and capabilities so that you can differentiate yourself from other applicants. Here are some of the most in-demand skills you should strive to learn in order to become the best candidates.

Most demand skills in the current workforce:

  1. Cloud computing
  2. Artificial intelligence
  3. Sales leadership
  4. Analysis
  5. Translation
  6. Mobile app development
  7. People management
  8. Video production
  9. Audio production
  10. UX design
  11. SEO/SEM marketing
  12. Blockchain
  13. Industrial design
  14. Creativity
  15. Collaboration
  16. Adaptability
  17. Time management
  18. Persuasion
  19. Digital journalism
  20. Animation

Top 25 most wanted data science skills in 2021

  1. Python
  2. SQL
  3. R
  4. Spark
  5. AWS
  6. Java
  7. Tableau
  8. Hadoop
  9. TensorFlow
  10. Scala
  11. SAS
  12. Azure
  13. Scikit-learn
  14. Excel
  15. PyTorch
  16. Hive
  17. Pandas
  18. C
  19. C#
  20. C++
  21. NoSQL
  22. Matlab
  23. Git
  24. Linux
  25. NumPy

You can develop all these skills through Online Learning Platforms such as Udemy,   Skillsoft, Coursera and Futurelearn.