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Pada masa kini, Pusat Kemajuan Kerjaya dan Alumni (PKKA) memainkan tiga peranan utama iaitu, merencana pelbagai program pembangunan kerjaya yang komprehensif bagi mempersiapkan graduan untuk menceburi dunia pekerjaan serta meningkatkan kebolehdapatan kerja dikalangan graduan UTHM, menjadi penghubung di antara universiti dan alumni melalui program-program yang menggalakkan sumbangan dalam bentuk intelektual mahupun fizikal daripada alumni yang telah berada di sektor pekerjaan, dan seterusnya berperanan menjadi penghubung di antara pelajar dengan industri melalui pengurusan latihan industri pelajar.

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We want to have great opportunities for our graduates at Job@Centre UTHM. So, let us assist you in making the transition to this exciting new chapter of your life. We have the resources and contacts you need to find great job opportunities after graduation, thanks to a strong network of reputable employers and a team of seasoned recruitment specialists.

When you’re done, we’ll be ready. Create your profile today to learn more about how to accelerate your transition into professional employment.

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Employers can easily respond to you thanks to our specialized platform. By using our system, you can view the latest job update and apply for the job that suits your field. You can also upload your CV inside our system and have a zoom meeting with potential employers. Isn’t that great?

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UTHM Graduates Checklist


MOHE Graduates Tracer Study is a survey for ​the purpose of knowing graduates' job status and also for getting their feedback on various aspects of their institutions.


Alumni Information System (SisMA) stores all alumni information for future network and connection on programs and activities held by Alumni Network Department.


All degree of engineering and engineering technology graduates are compulsory to register as a Graduate Engineer or Engineering Technologist through UTHM to BEM.

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Centre of Career Advancement and Alumni

Career Advancement | Industrial Training | Alumni Network

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